Mini Watch Games 21-in-1 Відгуки

It's ok

So far the games are good but I can't seem to exit out of a game. Once you go in he only way to go out is uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Force tap doesn't work, exiting the game on the watch doesn't either. Is there a way to fix this?

Games you actually play

Most of the Apple Watch games are designed to NOT play. “Idle games”. This is a large pile of playable games. By far the best I have found on Apple Watch. Amazingly it has repeatedly been updated to include even more games.

Hey!! Block Run glitches?

Hey when I was playing the game, I glitched Block Run by jumping and swiping. Apparently when I jump then swipe, it cancels the jump back down to the floor animation. So when I do that it sets the floor as above the floor. If you do it one more time you go over the kill zone of the object BUT STILL COLLECT THE POINTS!! All you have to do is swipe at the right time and get lots of points.... it’s cheap but funny. But seriously can you fix it please? Even though I got a high score of 1579, it’s now boring and needs to be patched. Thx!


Please don’t buy this it is really bad I got it for my Apple Watch and it has really bad graphics the only good game on it is frog jump and that isn’t that good I don’t want any body to get it.


These are rip off games with bad coding. I could say something that’s wrong for every game. If I wanted to play these games I would rather download all of them individually than download this app. I have no idea why anyone would want to PAY for a game like this, when there are free versions on the App Store. And half the games are the same!! I am very disappointed that this is what I wasted my money on.

Works on iPad Pro

Very fun to play on iPad.

Great set of games of the Apple Watch

I'm not a huge gamer, but these run great on my S3 AW

Very good

The best collection of games for your watch! Update 6/18/18 Apple needs to give this app front page. It is THE best app for Apple Watch. Great work folks!!

Worth the money

It's a great set of mini games to pass the time when you're bored at home, school, work, etc. None of the games are supposed to be big, but it's nice to be able to access them all from your wrist. Overall it's a nice group of games that are easy to control and fun to play!

Where is it?

I’ve tried everything suggested to do, but the app won’t show up on my watch. It’s starting to seem a little trivial at this point.

Kind of misleading

All the games are pretty fun...but three of them are 80% the same. One is a drive game and you drive side to side and avoid the walls. The next is a flying game, you fly up and down and avoid the floor and ceiling. The last one is a falling game, you fall, and you guessed it, you move side to side and avoid the walls

Tennis game breaks after each win

It works fine till you try and start another round, the comp paddle can reach the top of the screen and passes the bottom

Add pool or frogger

I would really like you to add frogger or pool. Either one would be so cool. I would play it a lot more and would rate it 5 stars!


Their is such a great variety of games! It works very well on the Apple Watch too! I suggest this game to anyone! Very fun games! 👍🏻


This game is really glitchy plus all the games look like they were made by a 7 year old The games barely work and the music makes the app sound like a 4 year olds learning app. Don’t buy this game... or games


I really like the game, definitely worth the $2, but there are some glitches in it. 1. If you lose in tennis, it says “You Loose”. 2. In hacky sack, sometimes the hacky sack gets stuck inside that oval thing, and if you move, you get around 25 points.


This game is full of cheesy boring games that don’t bring any enjoyment. The “20” games are full of clones of other games in the app just with different characters if you can even call them that. This should have been free. The app is slow with many performance issues that could easily be fixed but haven’t.

20 in 1 games

Really bad version of games that are free

It is ok

It is ok if it had more games and if the games were newer and better

Best watch game ever

This app is the best for games comes with 20 and they frequently update worth every penny !! Really is at first they games sucked and didn’t work well but over time they fixed them and they work great and u can now add the games u love to ur favorite list 5 starts !!!

I love it

To have all of these fun mini games right on my wrist for $2 is a steal! There is frequent updates and new games being added and it's awesome :)

My favorite Apple Watch game


Great update!

The games work again! 😁

Retro games to while away time

None are broken. To figure out the controls, open the app on your phone. You don't have to play there, but it explains the controls in the description.

Pretty good

Good but some games don't work

fun but Most Games Do not Work

I love it! Some games need fixing though! And some are horrible! 2048 sometimes lags , blocky bird is too slow and controls are not moving like flappy bird, and stick jump need fixing because it lags sometimes. Brick fall you can not even get 1 point, Car Car you can only get 3 points, Card sort I got to play for only 60 seconds, In snake you can not control the snake, In tennis the CPU wins way too much, in tiles you can't really get a lot of points because the piano is so laggy. Brick Break, Hacky Sack, invaders, troopers, and walk the line worked perfect for me! Fix the apps that have problems

Why did I pay for this?

So stupid low quality games glitchy at least make it free. Looks like it was made by a 2 year old. Games are impossible to play. Do NOT buy this. I need a refund.


I use this app everyday when I get bored, thank you so much for making it!!!

Great app

Great app, fun games conveniently on your watch! Only problem is that it crashes sometimes but if you fix that it would be perfect!

This app is great

Great cool app it has old school games

Don't Buy this

This is a wast of money!!!! It never works. the only game that works is 2048 and sometimes that game don't even work. It crashes on every other game! DONT BUY

Amazing, but found a glitch...

First off, great app! So fun and difficult! But I found a glitch for the 2048 game. When you swipe in two different directions (ex: up, right) some tiles go out of their sockets.. not a problem, but a harmless glitch. Could you fix it? Also, I am a very organized person... and the game layout for the Apple Watch is a little disorganized... could you make it more like the iPhone app? That would be amazing! So otherwise, amazing app! Wish I could vote 10 stars!!!


Don't waste your time or money. 2048 is the only game that works on my Apple Watch. This app is garbage. Update on new updates! Garbage. More Update and a response! I did update! My phone and watch are all up to date. This app is up to date. What is not up to date are the games. They still don't all work! I paid for the full app, not to watch the progress of it being developed. Another update! It works now. So how about a refund since I paid for a working game to begin with? My rating won't change since I paid for a full working game at first. Not a game that I had to watch be developed.

Job well done!!!

All bugs have been fixed with this update. This is now a well made watch app! Great assortment of games, and they are all fun to play. Great job developers!!


Works now


Crashes every time it is opened. Please fix this bug!

fun app

fun mini games for the apple watch.

Won't download not worth money

It won't download on my watch and i did everything the help suggested. The app is fully updated but still won't work

Works great now

Looks like you found the problem. Now it works great! I have no problem playing it on my watch and now I can finally play games when I need to pass the time and I don't have access to my iPhone. It def took more tries then I would've liked but I'm happy it works now. 5 star rating well earned.

So far so good

New update is making it run cleaner and smoother! Thanks guys!!

Great games!

Very much worth the money! All games work now.

Best game app for Apple Watch

The game has many fun old-school games and new ones (plus some unlicensed or knockoff games) the developer updates the game very often but with the updates come problems that they fix in the next updates so I highly recommend getting this app

Works well

I think that it's great!

Won't show up

It won't show up on my watch or on my watch app

Wont't show up

It won't show up in my Apple Watch or on my Apple Watch settings app on my phone. The watch is a series 2 and my phone is 6s. The app is messed up. I want my 2 dollars back!

Uninstalls Itself

I paid 2 dollars for an app that doesn't even stay on my watch for more that a few hours. I don't really care that most of the games are trash, I just want this fixed or my money back


Don't buy horrible app. Opens for like 15 sec then crashed

Absolute trash

Crash on Apple Watch every time it is opened. Should be pulled from the App Store.

Always crashes

Keeps crashing after opening it after 30 seconds. Honestly, it's a waste of money unless they fix the crashing problem. Could be one of the best apps for playing games on your watch. I would never recommend this app to anyone.

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