Mini Watch Games 21-in-1 App Reviews

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Its nice to have these games for the watch

I like it alot


This app is a waste of money it doesnt work correctly dont buy it

Very good

The best collection of games for your watch!


This game will not work with Apple Watch and doesnt work on your phone.


Great app, a little laggy but partially the watches fault. One request is could you maybe add a Mario type game or maybe a 2048 clone? Thanks for the great app and updates, keep up the good work

Dont waste your money

None of the games were very good. I wouldnt recommend buying it for $3 if it was $.99 Id be happy with it

Where are the other games????

Paid for this app so my 10 year old could play with my watch during some down time between matches. Good right???? NOPE

bad games

show 10 games but just play only 1.. loading too long and I recommend guys do not buy this game.. terrible...

Save yourself

Go buy a gum ball with that 99 cents. I dont know if this app is a scam or just isnt working properly but the only game that works is blocky birds and its laggy and not fun. So enjoy that gum ball.


Playing space invaders on my watch is awesomeness! Works great surprised at the lack of rating and reviews. I love it.


It was a fun game for class when I got bored 10/10


I spent money to get this app, and I was excited because I love space invaders. But when I pressed play, it CRASHES EVERY SINGLE TIME! So now all I ever play on my watch is Loop and Dot. I will be happy when Pokémon GO comes out on the watch for SURE.


These caucasians scammed me out of $.99 Im appalled. This app wont let me open any games.


I can only play one game. The rest keep crashing. Dont get!!!!

Dont wast your money

If you have the new Apple Watch this doesnt work you can scroll through att the games with the dial but once you click play it exits out total waste of money

App Doesnt Do Anything

Whoever made this game just stole my dollar. None of the games even work. The app crashes as soon as I hit "Play."

Doesnt work

Downloaded this to a fully updated watch. It doesnt work. Stays frozen on the opening screen.

App doesnt work

I loaded this on a watch with Watch OS3 and it doesnt work. The app downloads fine to the phone, but does not fully load on the watch. Do not buy!

Doesnt work on watch yet.

Lots of entertaining mini games perfect for the watch, but so far they only work on the iPhone. The game freezes on opening and wont respond until the watch is restarted. After restarting, I got to play one short game of blocky bird before it became unresponsive again. I will change rating if this problem is resolved.


Great game, I find it so cool that the developer managed to put all these games in and still keep the price low, the developer updates it all the time too with new games and new effects which is really cool, definite buy if you have an Apple Watch and wanna play games

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